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Salsa Verde with Tomato

Salsa Verde as the name suggests stands for green sauce. The Italian version is traditionally served cold and includes parsley, vinegar, capers and garlic.

I always chop this sauce by hand as I like the rustic coarseness that is achieved, as opposed to blitzing it in a food processor.

The sauce is so versatile, being suitable for fish and meat.

It is zesty and zingy and works fantastically well with the
Herb Crust Lamb.

Salsa Verde : Stir well

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Yorkshire Puddings

If you are having a traditional
Sunday Roast with Beef, then you really must have Yorkshire puddings.

Light, fluffy and crispy - that is the only way they should be served.

They are really easy to make. I have tried numerous recipes, and this is by far my favourite - it never fails. There is no need to have the batter standing around - equally it will sit in a warm kitchen for an hour or two no problems
(Just give it a good whisk before ladling in to the tray).

Where people go wrong and why they end up with biscuits is as a result of not adding the batter to smoking fat. Lard, having a high burning point really is ideal for the perfect puddings.

This recipe scales up really well for Toad in the Hole - an easy mid week supper.
(If I triple the batter quantities, I will and an addition egg).

Yorkshire Puddings : Roast Beef with all the Trimmings

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How to make Crispy Roast Potatoes

Roast potatoes are a mandatory accompaniment to any
Sunday Roast. They provide a crisp texture that is so essential in balancing the whole meal.

Good potato choice is important, as you want a potato that remains firm on the outside, whilst being melt in the mouth fluffy in the middle.

There is nothing more disappointing in this world than soggy, hard roast potatoes dripping in fat!

The way I make my potatoes, is not dissimilar to the way I make chips. I don’t get into the faff of heating oil in a baking tray prior to cooking. The essential technique is to catch the parboiled potatoes just right - too soft and they will break up, too hard and they will not break off little bits from the corners - just like Goldilocks - you got to get it just right.

The little bits that break of the potatoes are what makes the potatoes crispy. They make a nice sticky coating that crisps up brilliantly. It is for this reason that you need a good floury potato.

Follow this method, and you will never go wrong again!

Roast Potatoes : Roast Beef and Trimmings

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How to make Gravy

If you are having a
Sunday Roast of any description, you really need a good, deep flavoured gravy to go with the meat.

I always make gravy the same way, regardless of the choice of meat. The trivet that the meat cooks on, is the key in my opinion. All the flavours from the vegetables and herbs mingle with the cooking juices from the meat, making a pretty much ready to go jus.

I normally add a glass of wine, red or white to the baking tray, as the meat goes into the oven. This helps to keep everything moist and give the vegetables a good starting point.

To avoid a lumpy gravy, make sure that all the flour has been incorporated into the juices, and no lumps are visible, before you strain in.

How to make Gravy : Beef Roast and Gravy

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Stuffed Potatoes

These potatoes are great for a lunch, and can be adapted easily to use whatever you have left over.

Originally served with Tom Kerridge’s
Fried Chicken in a Basket
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