Roasted Romana Pepper Salad

The sweet roast pepper flavour coupled with a delicate hint of fresh herbs and olive oil never fails to impress guests, whenever I serve this as an accompaniment. It particularly works well with Lamb Koftas, as well the Pork Souvlaki.

I prefer to blacken the pepper in the oven as opposed to using the direct flame from the hob. This is mainly because, the last time I used the hob, the pepper got super hot and exploded! It literally splattered every wall in the kitchen!! As such, I prefer to use the oven!!

Roasted Romano Pepper Salad : Mix Well

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Tzatziki is an easy accompaniment to make, tastes delicious and goes with so many different main dishes, from burgers to shoulder of lamb. Always a popular side dish at any BBQ.

Even those that cannot cook, can make this side - as frankly, it invokes no cooking. If you can operate a grater; you can make this.

The Tzatziki will happily last for a day or two, cling filmed in the fridge.

Any lefts overs, normally gets eaten the next day with vegetable crudités and strips of flatbread.

Originally served with
Pork Souvlaki.

Tzatiki : Greek Feast” width=

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