Jamaican - Side

Spicy Smokey Potato Wedges

Potato wedges are quick and easy to make.

With the smokey paprika and spicy cayenne, the potato wedges are delicious.

The wedges can be served along side most dishes or can be made as a delicious snack. They are great to dip into mayonnaise or topped with diced red onion and satay sauce *Yum*.

Why buy frozen or ready made chips? These are the real deal !

The potato wedges were originally served with
Succulent Sticky Pork Ribs.

Spicy Smokey Potato Wedges

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Peas and Rice

Peas and rice is the traditional side served with Jerk Chicken. In Jamaica, peas refer to beans.

If you cannot get the Caribbean mixed beans, kidney beans will work equally well.

The garden peas are not traditional, but give the rice a nice crunch.

A hearty and warming dish, with a subtle spiced fragrance and flavour.

If you wish to make this vegetarian, then substitute the chicken stock with vegetable stock.

Originally served with
Authentic Jerk Chicken.

Beans and Rice

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Jerked Sweetcorn

These jerked sweetcorn work well with burgers, racks of ribs - anything a little spicy and tangy! Highly recommended to eat with Tom Kerridge’s
Fried Chicken in a Basket.


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