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Lamb Koftas, Mint Yoghurt Dressing, Tomato Salsa and Flatbreads

I love making these flatbread. Now the weather is warmer, it is so much easier to make and prove bread dough. These flatbread are so simple to make, stolen from the River Cottage, I think. Either way, there is no going back to stale pitta bread from the supermarkets.

I have experimented with almond flour, cumin, fresh coriander - every time a delicious puffy tasty flatbread.

The koftas, as you would expect with me, pack a punch in chilli. However, the parsley really helps to keep things balanced. Don’t worry though, the yoghurt dressing is so fresh and refreshing with the cucumber and mint - you will want more chilli than you add in!

This really does not take long to make - the flatbread dough will happily freeze and can be pulled out when required.

Kofta in flatbread

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