Moules Frites

This dish brings back very fond childhood memories of summer holidays to France with my family.

I remember us frequenting the food markets of Bezier, picking up beautiful fresh vegetables, meat and fish.

To this day, I believe it is one of only three dishes that I can recall my father cooking. The other two were unsupervised efforts, whereby he set fire to a wooden spoon whilst making spaghetti and managing to weld a pizza to the oven by not removing the polystyrene underlay. I clearly do not inherit by father’s cooking genes!
smiley_wink (Update : I spoke with my Mum on Skype last night, and was reminded that the chips were always fetched from the campsite takeaway! I did think that was a culinary step too far for Dad!)

This is a very easy dish to make and pretty much foolproof.

The Pernod is optional, but in my opinion, a must, as it gives a wonderful but subtle aniseed flavour. If you need to have Pernod, a handful of tarragon would also work very well.

I like a little chilli after kick after, but you can leave out if you wish.

Serve the mussels with plenty of crusty bread to mop up the broth and a good handful of crispy chips. Enjoy with a glass of white wine!

Moules Frites : Enjoy with a Glass of White Wine

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