Tuna Sweetcorn Pasta Salad

I love tuna and sweetcorn pasta. There is something so wholesome and tasty about the combination. I like to funk the recipe up with spring onion and hot red chilli.

It takes such little effort to make, tastes fresh, zingy and delicious, and one can will serve 2 people for two lunches. What is not too like?

If you are looking for variety on this recipe, then may I suggest apple and celery as alternative additions.

Make sure to keep the pasta al dente - otherwise it will not survive in the fridge very well after a day.

Season well - nothing worse than bland pasta salad!

I add the mayonnaise to the serving plate and mix through - when I am ready to eat the pasta salad - otherwise I find it can go a little gloopy and less appetising! After all this is meant to be a quick and easy lunch solution!

The pasta salad is really good without the mayo anyways

Tuna Pasta Salad : Close Up 2

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