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Crispy Chicken Goujons with Spicy Salsa

This is one of these mid week meals which takes moments to prepare, but rewards with delicious crispy chicken and tangy salsa flavours.

I wanted to keep this healthy so I oven roasted the chicken goujons instead of the usual deep fried affair. This keeps the dish much lighter but the chicken remains mouth wateringly tender and crispy.

I made a salsa as I wanted to use up the evenings harvest of heritage tomatoes and Numex Twilight and Birdseye chillies. The salsa and plain rice turned the dish from finger food into a full meal.

This was a household hit and I will definitely be making this again.

When coating chicken or any other meat in breadcrumbs I find it best to use one hand for the egg and the other hand for the dry bowls. I do each piece one at a time so that every last bit has a generous and even coating.

Roast Chicken Crispy Goujons : Last One

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Easy Oven Chips

Chips are a wonderful accompaniment to many meals.

This variation uses Dunn’s River Everyday Seasoning. The rub really lifts the chip flavour, giving a great hint of piquant.

The Maris Piper, as you would expect is a great chip potato, waxy enough to hold shape but floury and fluffy in texture.

Why spend extra money on prepared oven chips, when this recipe is just about as easy.

Originally served with
Chicken Kiev.

Easy Oven Chips : Moules Frites

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