Chicken Kiev, Oven Chips and Crunchy Vegetables

I have very fond memories of Chicken Kiev from my childhood.

I remember my mother sewing up chicken breasts with needle and thread for dinner parties. Not being much cop at sewing, nor having the patience required to thread a needle - I can assure you, my recipe is a lot less faff! This recipe involves wrapping flattened chicken around a large ball of cold
herby butter. The shape and the butter filling is held inside by freezing the breasts prior to bread crumbing and cooking.

Every time I cut into a chicken Kiev, the sense of anticipation whether the garlic butter will ooze out is almost unbearable.

Fresh, light, zingy and tasty - a wonderful through-back to an 1970’s favourite.

I served this with
oven chips and some very lightly cooked julienned seasonal vegetables.

Chicken Kiev : Close Up

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