Lightly Pickled Mango Salad with Hot Nuts

I admit, this is really a Thai dish. However, as I was rambling on about in the Duck Rendang blog, a lot of Malaysian food that you eat out is a fusion of Indian, Vietnamese and Thai.

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Don’t take a photo of me! (Monkey in Langkawi)

Both times I ordered
Duck Rendang it was served with a spicy pickled papaya salad along with several chutneys. Alas, I could not get hold of a papaya, so I gave it a go with mango. I have to say it worked very well, although next time, I would look for a firmer, less ripe mango - mainly for ease - the sweeter mango was nice against the chilli and lime! I would definitely consider giving making a lime chutney a bash in the near future as an accompaniment.

The dressing is a pretty standard Thai salad dressing, incorporating tangy, sweet and sour. It works so well against the fresh herbs and mango - how can you go wrong???!!!

I had leftover, so I turned this into a delicious lunch with almost no effort. It went down very well.

Originally served with
Duck Rendang.

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Spicy Mango and Hot Nut Rice Salad

This was a quick and experimental packed lunch idea.

I mixed a little toasted sesame oil through some steamed rice, with half a red Chinese lettuce and mixed in the leftover
Lightly Pickled Mango Salad with Hot Nuts. All Asian inspired ingredients, and as you would expect, all the flavours work together. I added a little more mint, basil and coriander to keep the dish light and fresh.

The result was delicious, Asian flavours, but with a crunch from the scattered peanuts, bean sprouts and crisp leaves.

A cheap, healthy and delicious packed lunch! I have already been asked to make this again!

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