Dark Jamaican Ginger Cake packed with Rum Raisins

Ever since a small child, I have loved Dark Jamaican Ginger Cake. I adore the heat coming from the ginger and the moistness from the rum soaked raisins and dark molasses.

Once you have tried this cake, I can promise you - the £1 specials sold in the shops will never set foot past your front door again.
*Horrible, tasteless, stodgy excuses that they are!*

This is a
must try cake, it is really easy to make, and you probably have the ingredients in the larder already.

Dark Jamaican Cake : Time for a slice

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Authentic Jerk Chicken with Peas and Rice

I have been lucky enough to have travelled to Jamaica several times.

The first trip was especially poignant, walking down the main strip in Negril at night. I was blown away by the smell of the various Jerk Chicken Vendors that lined the street. At night, the oil drum barbecues are lit and family secret marinades are liberally applied to chicken, pork, sweetcorn - you name it. Many evenings, we would avoid the beach restaurants and have snapper or chicken served on rice in newspaper. Truly delicious.

After many years of experimenting with Jerk marinades, this is the closest I can get to the real deal. Scotch Bonnet chillies really cannot be substituted, as they provide a fruitiness through the marinade that cannot be matched by other chilli varieties.

I like to pick a whole chicken for this dish and butcher it myself. This way I can make a chicken stock with the carcass, which is ideal for rice and peas.

There really is no substitute for the BBQ, however, you can get pretty close with patience from your oven.

Serve with Rice and Peas, Coleslaw, Jerked Sweetcorn.
(The rice is a hearty dish in its own right, so you don’t need to go crazy on sides!).

Jerk Chicken : Jerk Chicken Rice and Peas

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Boozy Easter Cake

Since Christmas, I have had a number of request to make another boozy fruit cake.

Easter seemed to be an appropriate event to make a cake for.

The cake is light, but packed full of moist plump fruit. The recipe is based off Delia’s fruitcake, however, it uses significantly more spice and booze!

I fed the cake twice a day for two weeks with a combination of Brandy, Rum, Amaretto and Armagnac. I really think you should not drive after eating this cake!

This cake is most certainly not for the drop zone!

Boozy Easter Cake

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