Shortcrust Pastry

Individual Pecan Pies

Once in a while it is nice to eat something sweet and gooey.

I do not have much of a sweet tooth, and despite all the cakes and biscuits that come out of the kitchen, it is uncommon for me to partake.

Pecan pie, and my Mother’s Sachertorte (
must get that recipe from her) are the rare exceptions that make me want to indulge.

This is a simple recipe - the shortcrust takes a couple of minutes to make maximum in the food processor. It tastes significantly better than the shop bought equivalent. It is also very easy to work with easily being able to achieve a thin and short pastry.

These were so good, I accidentally ate the last one between the hours of 2am and 6am. (
I really should eat more after a mega gym sessions!)

Pecan Pie : Cross Section

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Mini Bitter Chocolate Dolce De Leche Tart

As the weather is a little ropey for the weekend, I thought I would use my “cake time” to try something new.

I had some dolce de leche left over from making a batch of Millionaire Shortbread for a friends child’s birthday party. I had a browse around the internet to find some ideas, and stumbled over various chocolate tarts. Dolce de Leche is easy to get hold of these days - and so much easier than spending four hours watching a can of condensed milk simmer ;-p

I checked in the cupboard and had some 90% dark Belgian chocolate. Game on, time to get baking! The shortcrust pastry is the same recipe I always use, just with added cocoa powder.

I have to say, the tart is pretty awesome - but very very bitter and chocolaty. The strength of the chocolate makes these more suitable for eating as little cubes, whilst drinking an Americano as opposed to sitting down and eating half as desert! If you make this recipe, aim for 70% chocolate content.

I will make them again, and will blog my views on the revised recipe!

I served them with a little raspberry coulis - which really helped enhance the tart.

Chocolate Dolce Tart : Side Shot

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