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I have three passions in life; cooking, skydiving and travel - yes I know a very eclectic mix! However, the two things they all have in common is a passion to push my boundaries and having great fun!

I love to improve and learn something new each and every time I participate.

I have been very fortunate to travel extensively, mainly thanks to my family and extended living all over the world. When I travel for any period of time, I try and book in a local cooking course - to enhance my knowledge, especially for new ingredients and techniques.

As you will notice from the number of recipe categories, I really love to experiment with food from all over the world. Normally, I prefer to recreate dishes as authentically as possible with regards to technique and ingredients. However, once in the while I love to challenge myself to create a fusion dish that encompasses and enhances both origins.

I broke my spine (non skydiving) in several places September, 2012 and took 18+ months to recover. During that time, beyond getting friendly with the cracks on the ceiling, I longed to get back in the kitchen. (Ok, I admit, also back in the air). This is what has inspired me to offer tuition, and to provide a recipe blog. Longer-term I would love to get into recipe journalism, take some food photography courses and develop a full blown cookery school.

This blog represents the latest happenings in CookBake
Smile’s kitchen.

I hope the recipes inspire you, and you enjoy eating them as much as I do.

If you live in the West London area, and are looking for culinary tuition, please
get in touch.

Please comment, add your suggestions, critique or just pop in and say hello!

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